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A Great 2023 Plan from the Cardano Development Team!


The team behind Cardano’s Milkomeda and Flint wallets are sharing some serious plans for the new year

Sébastien Guillemot, founder and CTO of the dcSpark crypto ecosystem development team, summed up 2022 and gave a plan for 2023. Given that one of the “great interests” of the team is ADA, where he had time to work on the Flint Wallet and Milkomed Protocol. , the developer also revealed plans for this blockchain.

According to Guillemot, dcSpark’s goal for the new year is to launch a free Layer 2 knowledge base, which continues the trend of recent months in the zk series. However, the developer does not specify whether to expect something new from Cardano, so maybe it will be a new independent project.

What has been done? Cardano

Among the achievements of last year mentioned by Sébastien Guillemot was the complete launch of the first edition of the Flint wallet, which contains Cardano and will be added to the EVM-based blockchains. It outlines six high-level suggestions for improving Cardano, two of which involve Vasil’s hard fork. DcSpark has also created and implemented five smart contracts on the Plutus platform, which numbered over 4,500 at the end of last year.

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