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Alameda is Moving All Funds to Wallets After Bankruptcy!


Alameda is moving all funds to wallets after bankruptcy! Alameda is preparing for the bankruptcy process by collecting money in their wallets one by one

The cooperation of the FTX service in Alameda was not possible, since the SBF used the money to borrow the money of the operator while using the FTT symbol as a contract. At some point, this proven program fails, causing billions in lost sales. When the dust settles, Ala meda tries to pick up the pieces left after the disaster.

According to Alameda Wallet and Port Nansen, the company is struggling to collect all the money it can find in wallets and various contracts, pending the cancellation of some of its loans. Due to poor market conditions, Alameda will not be able to raise enough money to cover its own debt. According to reports, FTX owes at least $8 billion to its creditors and its employees while they have about $1 billion. When the new CEO took over FTX, he said he had never seen such a complex case in his entire career, which shows how poor risk management and accounting systems are in the company.

Will the Alameda funds be enough to pay off the debts?

As of press time, Alameda has managed to make $93.6 million in purses ending in e0713, which is apparently not enough to cover some of the debt they owe to FTX workers. . Due to the drought, the fund did not have the ability to recover the money it had invested in various companies in the market.

The ripple effect caused by the FTX crash is already having a devastating effect on many companies in the market, including industry titans like Grayscale and Genesis. At press time, it was unclear whether FTX would be able to cover its debt through bankruptcy proceedings.

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