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Bitcoin Crashes, Can RoboApe be the Next Big Thing? – Crypto Crash Today 


Without a doubt, the cryptocurrency market began in 2010 with the launch of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin was generally embraced in various regions of the world, some people refused to accept the clear advantages it provided. This, however, did not halt the spread of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Many people have used Bitcoin to make transactions all across the world for many years.

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The largest coin base in the crypto market has experienced a serious meltdown over the last couple of days. Investors have been left in a tizzy and confused state. It’s unknown how long the crypto-crisis will persist. Cryptocurrency values have often recovered after significant losses, albeit it has taken several years in some cases to reach new highs. 

In June, the crypto market hit a fresh low of 2022. The worldwide cryptocurrency market capitalization has dropped below $1 trillion, to $977 billion. After reaching a high of $3 trillion in November of last year, the global cryptocurrency market valuation has dropped by more than $2 trillion. Almost all of the world’s most valuable coins are now worth half or even less than their all-time highs.

Investors are left in a dilemma whenever crypto prices dip. Only a few months ago, proponents of the blockchain predicted that Bitcoin’s price would reach $100,000 this year. The prediction left some of the investors expectant and anxious while others went ahead to invest more in their Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and some other altcoins.

So, despite the crypto crash, if you’re still searching for a possible good project to invest in, RoboApe (RBA) is the one to go with because it’s likely to hold up even after the presale period comes to an end. 

Why Did Crypto Crash? 

The crypto collapse, according to experts, indicates that investors’ risk appetite is waning. They’re wary about high-risk investments and this made a  lot of investors sell off their coins. With all of its uncertainty and volatility, crypto is regarded as one of the riskiest financial vehicles. 

The reasons for the crypto crash have been narrowed down to a couple of factors, one of which is the hike in interest rates. The US government decided it was best to increase interest rates in a bid to cool off inflation. Also, recessions in the equity market can do a lot to influence the decisions of crypto traders. So, the majority of the factors affecting the stock market also have power over the crypto market

Can RoboApe Save the Declining Crypto Market? 

RoboApe is indeed a new coin. However, it is one of the few crypto tokens that can hold up despite the crypto crash and this is because it is still on presale. The prices are currently low and the crash can not impact their value. 

RoboApe (RBA) has already created a community and is continuing to do so as one of the finest presale projects. This is because many investors have shifted their focus away from the large coins and toward presale projects, which are unaffected by the present crypto collapse.

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RoboApe (RBA) also includes several appealing features for investors, including the RoboApe Academy, which is a free instructional hub that educates users on all things crypto, as well as an NFT marketplace and charity events. 

This meme token is based on the decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Its ecosystem will permit the holders to mint and trade NFTs in the form of RBA cards. 

Furthermore, RoboApe (RBA) holders who are seeking unique experiences or services centred on meme culture that are not easily accessible via centralised alternatives or social media platforms will make up a substantial section of the RoboApe ecosystem.

The meme project is one of the most interesting investments you might make this year, with an exceptionally low entry price and the potential to yield very high returns in the future.

You can join the presale community by clicking the link below. Follow the social media pages to receive regular updates: 



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