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Can RoboApe provide bigger gains than Dogecoin (DOGE) or Cardano (ADA)?


RoboApe (RBA) is a new meme cryptocurrency that will provide multiple use cases for its users. It could rise after listing as it has strong utility and will bring DeFi facilities for its users. Let’s find out if this new token can provide bigger gains than Dogecoin (DOGE) or Cardano (ADA)

For the best long-term returns, it is a good idea to add more than one token as diversification can help in reducing risk. 

Cardano based launchpad goes live

Cardashift, a Cardano (ADA) based launchpad has formally launched and will introduce a rigorous vetting process for projects to maintain integrity. It is a community run project and will focus on environmental and social startups. 

The Cardano Foundation has also recently joined the ‘Blockchain For Good’ initiative that focuses and encourages blockchain projects to provide solutions for the UN sustainable development goals. 

The more projects that get launched on the Cardano ecosystem, the more its network gets used, and the more ADA Token gets utilized since it is used for paying transaction fees inside the ecosystem. 

Dogecoin being accumulated by whales

Dogecoin has managed to remain resilient in a largely falling cryptocurrency market. It is one of the most popular meme cryptocurrencies across the world. DOGE is shilled by many celebrities on social media channels. 

Elon Musk recently reaffirmed his faith in the DOGE Token’s ability to work as a payment currency. The reply was in response to a tweet by the original founder of Dogecoin. Mark Cuban, another Dogecoin supporter recently suggested a novel mechanism for using DOGE to fight spam on Twitter. 

He suggested that Twitter users place 1 DOGE as collateral. If the post is found as spam, the DOGE is forfeited but if it is falsely contested, the party loses their own DOGE. “We add an optimistic roll up to Doge  Everyone puts up 1 doge for unlimited posts. 

If anyone contests a post and humans confirm it’s spam, they get the spammer’s Doge. Spammer has to stake 100x more Doge. If it’s not spam, the contestor loses their Doge.” – Mark Cuban via Twitter

RoboApe is a novel platform for DeFi users

The new cryptocurrency RoboApe, which is available through a presale on its site, might have the potential to moon in the future. The RBA Token will provide access to many services including an NFT marketplace, a token swap protocol, eSports contests for the community, and access to the DAO. 

The RoboApe platform will be designed to carry out easy token swaps via a bridge function which will be deployed in the future. The RBA Token is an ERC-20 coin but will be transferable to other chains via a bridge. 

The site will also conduct free games and events to help in community participation and engagement of all users. 

The RoboApe academy will help in spreading information about interesting blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies in general. 

The total supply cap of RBA is fixed at 900 million and the token started at a price of $0.00009. You could accumulate huge quantities of RBA as it is being offered at a low price. New tokens have the potential to rise quickly after listing. 

Holding the RBA Tokens will also provide users with many additional incentives that will be decided by the ecosystem in the future. The entire community will be governed in a democratic fashion through a DAO. 

Add the three coins above to get a balanced portfolio that could potentially provide high returns in the future. Always carry out your own research before investing as the crypto markets tend to rise and fall rapidly in response to developing news stories. 

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