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The Sandbox($SAND), Apecoin($APE), And Collectixt($CLEX) Are Three Nft Coins To Put On Your Watchlist In 2022

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It is general news that the NFT space is experiencing a paradigm shift in the blockchain ecosystem. With new use cases being developed daily for in-game assets, digital art, music, metaverse accessories, 3-D models, real estate, and other things, NFTs have accelerated the blockchain frenzy. Collectixt Token news..

They are now one of the primary driving forces in the system. The significance of NFTs in the blockchain network is somewhat clear from the fact that in 2021, sales of NFTs skyrocketed to around $17.6 billion, with an additional $82 million from the previous year. Even now, despite the severity of the bear market, these digital assets are making waves, with recent free mints like Goblintown and The Saudis generating as much as a 0.5-1Eth profit for collectors. 

Many cryptocurrencies are beginning to see the benefits of NFTs, their relevance in the cryptocurrency market, and sectors in which they could be integrated. Sandbox($SAND), Flow($FLOW), and Collectixt($CLEX) are three cryptocurrencies providing a means to strengthen the progress of this expanding system, promoting marketplaces where users can have better access to these digital assets. 


Sandbox is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a 3D metaverse game built on the Ethereum Blockchain, where users can explore, purchase, and build on the metaverse. It allows users to monetize gaming and generate revenue opportunities. The Sandbox is one of the most prominent gaming and NFT cryptocurrencies. Sandbox marketplace enables the purchase of tokens such as LANDs, GEMs, and assets that can be uploaded and converted to NFTs.

Like most metaverse, Sandbox introduces several artists to the blockchain network, providing them with a platform to sell and monetize their creations. Sandbox NFT marketplace will permit the exchange of tokenized assets that can be used across various platforms and video games. With Sandbox, players own the virtual world assets in the form of NFTs, and they can engage in the community by exchanging assets and earning money through tokens. As of 20th July, Sandbox has a live price of $1.44, a 24hr trading volume of $706 million, and a market cap of $1.78 billion. 


The virtual world has created many opportunities for users to explore and give wings to their imaginations while compensating them with its play-to-earn mechanism. FLOW is a decentralized system made to support the progress of this system. It will function as a decentralized protocol layer for projects that advance the culture in the metaverse. $FLOW is a growing community for brands and web3 builders, games, digital assets, and apps. It is a decentralized network now supported and developed by a burgeoning community of businesses and Web3 builders. Flow has a current live price of $2.04, a 24hr trading volume of $195 million, and a market cap of $2.129 billion. 


The context of traditional gaming has always given more edge to developers rather than the players in the system, but NFTs are a way to change that. With NFTs, players and gamers can establish ownership of their assets for as long as possible. Collectixt is a token that leverages the Ethereum and Polygon network for a better user experience for all. The Collectixt NFT marketplace was created to give creators from all backgrounds a venue to display and advertise their work as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

NFTs are a tremendous store of value and a superb way to buy and demonstrate ownership of a work of art. The primary goal of the Collectixt ecosystem is to build a cross-chain, scalable token network that will significantly boost the adoption and trade volume of NFTs by making their creation, use, and trading much more simple and affordable.

Now could be the best time to consider joining this network to benefit from all that it offers to users. Presale would start soon, and tokens will be sold at bonus prices.

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