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Critical Renaissance in Crypto


Critical renaissance in crypto. Bitcoin price is expected to rally sharply in the next few days, which could trigger a big move in the next few days

This trend shows that the crypto star is set to repeat previous rallies and in this case, the beginning of BTC’s run could be around the corner.

Bitcoin price is constantly trying to jump to an important retracement near $17,000, but it is facing a major hurdle as it crosses $16,900.

In the meantime, altcoins are keeping a lot of fire as the bearish cartel is strong in its roots at the moment. Aside from the bear market speculation that is coming to an end, they are turning to the crypto space.

A popular analyst, Micheal van de Poppe, believes that the bitcoin bear market is coming to an end as the price of bitcoin is about to hit a “golden cross”. In a recent video update, the analyst indicates that the event will begin in June and may be extended to December, where the price of BTC may rise to $37,000.
“The real movement is happening before the discussion, so we are getting closer or closer to the Golden Cross which is where this must be done from June to December.”

Also, the analyst believes that the price of BTC can be revised in 2018-19, as the market fell during this period. Therefore, markets may be approaching a stage where they may face some relief.

However, he continues to say that during the weekly period, the price of BTC should maintain an important level around $12,326 to maintain strength in the session. On the other hand, if the price of BTC rises above $18,000, it can rise above $20,000.

To do this, the price of crypto BTC will break above the important $17,500 in the short term and above $18,600 in the upper term. This can trigger a further set of targets above $21,000.

“As soon as we return to $18.6000 and even for a period below $17.5000, these are the first arguments that will continue to the upper limit, then we are looking at a possible case or first run somewhere 21.21 $ 23.5,000 and $ 29,000 and maybe even $ 38K that is. already two and a half Xs away,”

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