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Crypto Initiatives among the priorities in the next 4 years: SEC Plan


Crypto Initiatives among the priorities in the next 4 years: SEC Plan. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has revealed some plans related to crypto assets in its strategic plan for the fiscal year 2022-2026. These goals are intended to address the SEC’s priorities over the next four years.

SEC Plans for Fiscal Years 2022-26

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released its “strategic plan” for the 2022-2026 fiscal year last week. The organizer said that “the plans outlined in the strategic plan are aimed at achieving its priorities in the next four years.”

One of the goals of this strategic plan is to “develop and implement a strong organizational structure that keeps pace with changing markets, business models and technologies”.

The defense minister explained that one way to achieve this goal is to “examine measures to address systemic and infrastructure risks facing our capital markets and market participants.”

Explaining that the “quick development of crypto assets” also poses risks, the security guard said that he is more prepared for risks in this category: “The SEC must pursue new authorities from Congress where needed, continue to effectively collaborate with other regulators, and engage more proactively on digitization initiatives.”

Another plan outlined in the strategic plan is to “recognize major developments and trends in our capital markets that are changing and adjust our activities accordingly.” Conservationists say: “The SEC must also continue to enhance its expertise in, and devote increased resources to, product markets beyond equities — including crypto assets, derivatives, and fixed income — and maintain a nimble and flexible approach to address market changes expeditiously.”

The SEC also explained that in developing the plan, it considered information from “meetings with many people inside and outside of the industry on a regular basis, including members of Congress and committee members. of Congress, investors, companies, participating financial markets, academics and other professionals and stakeholders.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler pointed out: “The SEC pursues three objectives: to protect investors, to maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and to facilitate capital formation.”

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