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Crypto Predictions: Add Binance, Dogecoin, and Big Eyes To Your 2023 Watchlist

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Crypto Predictions: Add Binance, Dogecoin, and Big Eyes To Your 2023 Watchlist 4

Currently, the crypto market is not in a strong position. Many users are hesitant about what the best next move is due to the unpredictability of the market. However, as the new year approaches, three cryptocurrencies that should be on your watchlist include Binance (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Big Eyes (BIG).

Binance Helps The Market Recover 

Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform in the market and its native token, BNB, is currently ranked 5th by market capitalization. As many users are hesitant about the current state of the crypto market, the CEO of Binance has shared his views of this being a short-term issue and claims that the market will recover. Additionally, he is working on creating a fundraiser to help individuals within the industry. As crypto has come a long way over the years, there is hope that the market will recover. 

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Whilst this year has been a struggle for the general crypto market, Binance has had a strong year. This is due to the major collaborations Binance has had, including collaborations with Cristiano Ronaldo and The Weeknd. By working with these two influential celebrities, Binance has opened up crypto to a global audience of individuals who may have no crypto experience. This has been beneficial to Binance and the general market as it is becoming more adopted by society.

Hence, as Binance has had these major deals this year, it is likely that 2023 will only be bigger and better. This makes BNB an astute investment to make, even in this crypto winter.

Dogecoin Keeps On Rising

Dogecoin is the biggest meme coin in the market and is currently ranked 8th by market capitalization. This is a two-spot jump from its usual 10th position. At a time when many cryptocurrencies are falling in ranking and value, Dogecoin is doing the opposite and is rising higher. This proves the strength of Dogecoin as an individual project as it has a strong community of users supporting it. 

Meme coins have gained huge popularity over recent years and it seems as if the meme coin sector is continuing to expand. Hence, Dogecoin is a project to keep your eyes on!

Big Eyes Raises $10M In Presale

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Big Eyes is a new meme coin that is currently preparing for its official launch. At the time of writing, Big Eyes is in stage six of presale and has raised $10 million during its presale phase. As it is receiving a lot of support from crypto users worldwide, Big Eyes is on track to become big in the market. 

Just recently, Big Eyes appeared on the billboards in Times Square, New York. This is a big thing to happen, especially in the current market circumstances. Not only does this show how strong Big Eyes is and the potential it holds for success, but also how BIG targets a wide audience of non-crypto users, encouraging them to start trading. 

Although there is no set date, Big Eyes is expected to launch sometime soon, so keep an eye out! As Big Eyes is in presale, BIG token prices are low so this may be the best time to purchase. To join the growing Big Eyes community, get ready for the Black Friday special offer by clicking here, and using code BLACKFRIDAY50 (goes live on Friday the 25th)!

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