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3 Cryptos to Keep An Eye On: Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), and Calyx (CLX)


With the crypto market being in an uneasy position currently, there are 3 cryptos to keep an eye on right now: Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), and Calyx (CLX). While Monero and Ethereum Classic have provided some exciting updates in the recent past making them preferred choices for long-term investors, the CLX Token is a new cryptocurrency that seeks to provide an easy and quick way for swapping tokens across different blockchain networks.

Helping to establish multiple liquidity pools as per the preference of the user enables single transaction trades to take place at lightning speeds. As an investor, you should invest in coins that have good technology and strong utility like CLX as they can provide handsome returns in the future. Currently on presale, the CLX Token has a lot to offer.

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Ethereum Classic integrated with OpenCart

Now Payments has integrated Ethereum Classic with OpenCart which will allow businesses to accept ETC as a payment method seamlessly with the click of a button. A user will simply need a cryptocurrency wallet, a Now Payments account, and integrate API keys to start accepting Ethereum Classic Token. This paves the way for many businesses to start accepting ETC as a payment currency. Now Payments is one of the leading cryptocurrency solutions providers in the world. It provides seamless transfers across more than 100+ coins. The ETC Token was trading at $28.22 at the time of writing and can be added for a long-term investment. 

Mullvad will accept payments with the Monero cryptocurrency

Mullvad is an open-sourced VPN service based in Sweden. It became one of the first-ever VPN service providers to accept cryptocurrency payments and announced its support for XMR recently. Monero users will be able to pay through XMR Token easily for subscriptions on Mullvad, opening another utility for the XMR Token. Monero is a privacy-oriented token that has seen great adoption and has continuously provided regular updates for its community. It is one of the fully decentralised networks not under the control of any community of miners. The XMR Token was trading at $207.09 at the time of writing and can be added at this level to accumulate huge quantities for a potential bull run in the long term future. 

Calyx incorporates DAO governance 

The Calyx token is a DAO governed token swap protocol that has been developed to allow multichain token swaps and sourcing of liquidity from various sources. The Calyx ecosystem will operate as a decentralised exchange running on top of different blockchain networks.

Since it is a completely decentralised network, users will not be required to complete elaborate Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements or register themselves. The only thing necessary is a compatible cryptocurrency wallet which must be integrated with the Calyx site.

Decentralised exchanges can ensure privacy for users and allow the trading of tokens regardless of whether they are listed on the platform or not. A frequent problem faced by the centralised exchanges is the access to liquidity, but the Calyx ecosystem has undertaken several measures to ensure sufficient liquidity for the users. 85% of the fee collected will go towards rewarding liquidity providers on the platform.

The liquidity pools on Calyx will not be strictly regulated by the exchange but any user will be able to create a liquidity pool on a network supported by Calyx. Liquidity will be aggregated from different blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart chain, Avalanche etc. 

The Calyx ecosystem is enabled for global commerce and markets by allowing faster and more economical inter token transactions. The CLX Token will offer instant trade at low fees, and minimum risk, and should appeal to enterprises in the long run. Users will be able to stake the token for gaining an additional passive source of income and will also get awarded for providing liquidity. An additional advantage of holding the CLX Token is that you get a say in the decision-making process of the Calyx DAO. 

Learn more about the Calyx Token here:

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