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3 cryptos to beat inflation in 2022: Flow (FLOW), Calyx Token (CLX), and FTX (FTT)


For an investment to be truly considered as high potential, it should be able to beat inflation in the long run. The true earnings are often determined by subtracting the inflation rate. We have selected three promising cryptocurrencies that could provide inflation beating returns in 2022. These three coins are: Flow (FLOW), Calyx Token (CLX), and FTX (FTT). Let’s find out if these three coins have great utility and can be considered for the long term investment horizon. 

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Flow Token announces $725 Million growth fund

The Flow blockchain network was originally conceived by the team behind the popular game, CryptoKitties. It is now run as a sustainable and completely decentralised project run by the community. The FLOW Token is used as the primary coin inside the ecosystem. The Flow network has recently announced the launch of a $725 million fund that will help budding project developers who are building on the platform. The announcement was made via a tweet, “Today, we’re announcing a $725 Million ecosystem fund to accelerate growth across the entire Flow ecosystem. This is the largest joint fund made for ANY blockchain, available for both existing and future developers on Flow”.  

Calyx Token is a commerce ready platform

The Calyx Token will power the CLX ecosystem currently being built and will be an enterprise ready blockchain network. It will help in dynamic trade routing to ensure quick settlement and fast transactions. 

The CLX Token is currently in the second phase of its presale available here. You can purchase the coin currently at very attractive and low prices. It might possess the potential to rise quickly once the listing period completes and the project delivers on its roadmap. 

The project will be run by the community and liquidity pool access and creation will be open to all. Most decentralised projects curb community participation by restricting pool access. Even the creation of new pools is decided by the project owners. However, the Calyx community will decide on all matters within the ecosystem. A huge amount of the tokens is reserved for ensuring sufficient liquidity on the various pools. 60% of the token supply is devoted to providing liquidity while only 30% is being sold via the presale

The Calyx project will source liquidity from various chains as it is a cross-chain enabled ecosystem. Some networks that will be integrated include Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain. More chains will also be integrated in the future so users will be able to swap quickly without facing delays. 

The CLX Token allows participation in the DAO community and will also provide passive rewards. It could potentially provide huge returns in the future if growth can be maintained. You can find out more about the token and its ecosystem through the links provided at the end of this article. 

FTX burns $7.6M worth of FTT Tokens

In what could be considered bullish news for the FTT Token, the FTX exchange announced the burning of $7.6M worth of FTT Tokens. The tokens were purchased and burnt by the exchange. Burning helps in reducing the number of coins in circulation and creates scarcity leading to a potential rise in price. This method is frequently used by many other exchanges including Binance. The FTT Token is the primary coin inside the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and provides discounts and other incentives to its holders. A regular burn program could help in the prospects of the FTT Token in the long term. 

All three tokens described above have unique and diverse use cases. They can be considered as a potential investment for the long term. Avoid trading in a bear market as it requires advanced skills and staying updated about the various trends in the market. Long-term passive investment is one of the best strategies for seeking high returns. 

Learn more about the Calyx Token here:

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