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For Voyager Binance.US ‘Offer From!


For voyager Binance.US ‘offer from! The latest price changes in the crypto market and the situation for November 24, 2022.

Binance is targeting $1 billion for the previously announced recovery fund for the recovery of crypto assets, CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Thursday. This fund will be open for contributions from other industry players. “If that’s not enough, we can allocate more,” CZ said, according to the release.

CZ also revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that the US branch of Binance will be renewed for the crypto-lender Voyager now that FTX cannot pursue its acquisition. After Voyager defaulted on payments, FTX became the favorite to acquire the lender, and Binance believes it will be held due to fears it will raise national security concerns for the US government. The Bahamas Securities Commission is responding to claims from failed crypto exchange FTX that the country was ordered to acquire unauthorized access to the platform after it filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States. wrong.”

  • The chart shows that the staked ether token (stETH) price of the Lido liquid staking protocol fell to 0.97 ETH early Thursday.
  • According to blockchain sleuth Lookonchain, the unpeg happened after the whale withdrew more than 84.00 ETH from the stETH-ETH pool of the exchange.
  • Historically, the fluctuation of stETH from the price of ETH coincided with market uncertainty.
  • The first wave of unpecking has seen smart money grab stETH at a discount and then sell it at par.

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