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Future of Crypto Market


Future of crypto market. The co-investigator of the failed cryptocurrency fund 3AC shared his forecast for the year ahead, sharing his thoughts on the most influential topics of the time and the future of popularity in products and companies in the industry.

First, SBF, the CEO of the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX will be tried with around 100 people accused, but he will serve every day in prison in 2023, Davis is planning. As for Genesis and Grayscale, the two companies will face a class action lawsuit, according to the 3AC co-founder, and the SEC will file a criminal lawsuit against Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group for misconduct among subsidiaries.

Two of the most discussed topics in late November and early December were Binance and Tether. Both were accused of being bankrupt and unable to meet the needs of investors. However, Davis thinks that both will be good: Binance’s market will grow and Tether’s peg to the dollar will remain stable. The future of the market The co-investigator of bankruptcy believes that the rally in the cryptocurrency market will start much lower than the current market, and Dubai and Singapore emerge as the main cryptocurrency hub.

Despite the negative picture painted by many analysts today, Bitcoin and Ethereum will still create blocks and work as they should, and crypto will not be “dead” despite the reduction in the company’s activity. ‘in the past few years.

Overall, Davies shares a surprisingly positive outlook for the industry in the coming year. Given the general state of the industry today and historical market performance, we may see a recovery in 2023, especially when new regulations come into effect.

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