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Going to Partnership for Assurance


Beosin is very excited and happy to announce that they have established a mutually beneficial partnership with Lemonchain. During the implementation of this collaboration, it is both the goal and the main goal of the company involved in the acceleration of topics related to risk management, in terms of digital assets. They will also want to improve all aspects of the overall security of the blockchain ecosystem.

To better understand how to think about this relationship, it will be necessary to dig a little into what these two companies involve. Beosin is an advanced blockchain security company owned by a select group of professors from world-renowned universities.

There were also reasons for more than 40 doctors in the camp. It is also broadcast in many countries. The main focus of the company is to secure the blockchain ecosystem. The second line of practice offers blockchain security solutions in contract analysis, risk monitoring and warning, KYT/AML and crypto transactions.

On the other hand, the Lemonchain project has the vision to build a new and innovative concept related to the healthcare data network. This is achieved by carefully addressing the issues related to the barriers that prevent the establishment of the necessary partnerships regarding the blockchain healthcare industry.

His next endeavor is to develop long-term health using well-structured data. In the current situation, and through this conference, their collective game plan is to make a game changer in the global blockchain space. With the help of each individual’s area of ​​expertise, they will now be in a better position to provide better blockchain technology solutions and blockchain security technology for all users.

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