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Are There Crypto Profits To Be Had? – Helium (HNT), Parody Coin (PARO), and Zcash (ZEC)


Most cryptocurrency investors commit the mistake of looking for short-term profits rather than booking huge gains in the long term. Investment over the long term is less risky as you don’t need to monitor your portfolio as regularly compared to short term investments. PARO, Helium and Zcash news..

We have selected three cryptocurrencies that can be bought for the long term and could yield huge profits. These are Helium (HNT), Parody Coin (PARO), and Zcash (ZEC). Parody Coin is a new cryptocurrency that will offer parody versions of NFTs allowing users to trade them across multiple blockchain networks. 

Parody Coin sees rising interest among whales

PARO will allow the minting of NFTs and will also allow users to trade them across multiple blockchain networks. The PARO Token will be used to pay for transactions including minting and trading of NFTs on the Parody Coin network. The PARO Token is a Binance Smart Chain meme coin that will enjoy cross-chain functionality. 

A total of 72 billion Paro Tokens will be pre-mined and 70% are being sold through a presale. 5% have been reserved for marketing purposes and community-building efforts. 15% of the tokens will be given away in rewards to the community. 7% are reserved for the team and the remaining 3% tokens will be used for operational expenses. The token has seen a fair launch and has been audited to help defend against those with less than great intentions attacking the network.

The advantage of holding the PARO token include staking and mining rewards. A part of the transaction fee is also rewarded to holders for being a part of the ecosystem. 

The Parody ecosystem aims to develop parody and fun versions of popular mainstream NFTs which will be sold even as fractional NFTs developing new use cases and allowing users to trade them easily. The original owner can choose to burn the NFT and gain control over the parody version. It is hoped that over time, parody NFTs establish a market presence of their own and provide monetization options for the users. 

The Parodyverse will be a metaverse empire that will help users to launch digital avatars and make transactions easily through the PARO Token. Given its many uses, the PARO Token can be considered a long-term investment option. 

Helium marches on with 5G data rewards

Helium network allows users to install devices for mining the HNT Token. It seeks to provide wireless coverage for millions of users across the globe. As 5G service roll out in the future, Helium network’s FreedomFi team is currently working on a prototype device that would help in verifying Helium 5G coverage, and also provide a map of real 5G coverage across all carriers. Helium 5G was approved last year and will become the second wireless network to be supported by the HNT network. 

Zcash launches $10M fund for project developers

The ZCash network has provided $10M in funding for grants that will be provided to project developers who wish to build and improve the ZEC Token. The ZEC Token is a privacy coin that ensures truly private transactions. 

The announcement was made via a tweet, “With well over $10M available in grants funding, Zcash Community Grants program strives to kickstart initiatives aimed at developing, securing, and growing the #Zcash network and its community”.

These three tokens have good utility and could help to tune up your crypto portfolio. You can find out more about the Parody Coin by following its progress on social media channels or its site. The links have been given below for your convenience. 

Always ensure you carry out proper risk diversification by purchasing more than one token as cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature. 





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