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Crypto News Alert: Cryptos You Shouldn’t Lose Hope In: Mehracki (MKI), Cardano (ADA) & STEPN (GMT)


In light of recent events happening in the crypto market, analysts and experts are suggesting that investing in the new coins soon coming to the market like Mehracki (MKI) should be worth considering.  This could act as a hedge in case the established coins and platforms like,m Cardano (ADA) and STEPN (GMT), do not bounce back. 

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Mehracki (MKI)

Mehracki originates from the Greek word ‘Meraki’ which best defines an individual that is ready to put his heart, soul, love and creativity into everything they do. The creators of Mehracki changed the name of their meme token because they found that the crypto users were uninterested and worn out. This is why the best way to illustrate this feeling was through using the word ‘meh’, it also ties into crypto’s meme coin theme.

Once launched, their goal is to give their users the freedom to make transactions using MKI tokens, bypass extortionate intermediaries, and put together a referral and feedback system. Mehracki’s ambition is to revitalise the art of self-care by building an ecosystem that supports meme sharing, tourism and travelling ventures. 

One of the development team’s main  motivations is to build an ethos and culture that will gradually grow as its enthusiastic community puts the love back into the crypto world, one laugh at a time.

Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain. Cardano’s coin is named ADA after Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the great British poet Lord Byron. Cardano is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain which was the first to be established on peer-reviewed research and refined through evidence-based practices. It combines advanced technologies to support unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralised applications, societies and systems. 

With a dedicated team of engineers, Cardano aims to reshuffle power from unaccountable structures to individuals and be an enabling force for progress and positive change.


If you are a person who likes to run, jog or just go for a nice walk and you would like to earn money whilst doing this, then STEPN (GMT) is the right platform to do so. STEPN is the first-ever platform to create a move and earn concept. It is a lifestyle app which has incorporated both GameFi and Social-Fi elements, finishing fourth place out of 500+ projects at the Solana Ignition Hackathon in 2021. 

The STEPN users will equip themselves with sneaker NFTs that they will go on to use in-game, as well as earning game currency which in turn can be cashed out for profit. The Social-Fi aspect of STEPN is to create a durable platform using Web 3.0 content, while simultaneously aiming to push millions of people to healthier lifestyle choices and attempting to combat climate change with GameFi.   

Final Verdict

To sum up, all the coins mentioned in this article can help any crypto beginner build their portfolio and also allow them to explore the NFT, and GameFi sectors which are growing fairly fast. Investing in Mehracki could bring potential returns on your investments as it is still in its presale stages and shows promise of rising in value once launched.

Mehracki Token (MKI)




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