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Huobi is Partnering With Tron Network to Establish The First DMC Brand Nationwide


Huobi is partnering with Tron Network to establish the first DMC brand nationwide. Huobi announced a partnership with TRON, DMC Labs and the Commonwealth of Dominica to provide a national brand that will focus on promoting the country’s culture, heritage and tourism.

The Government of Dominica has approved the three platforms to create Dominica Coin (DMC), the country’s official currency, and Digital Identity (DID). DMC holders will receive Dominican digital citizenship. After the rebranding, this is the company’s first big step to become an important player in the metaverse and Web 3.0, and the first critical step of Huobi’s global expansion plan.

Upgrade DMC to Huobi Prime

DMC and DID, the second of the independent countries that will be made available on Huobi Prime, are built on the TRON network, a blockchain technology recognized by the country of Dominica. Users need DID and Dominica Coin to access the future metaverse reality.

DMC provides a connection link to Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain through the BTTC bridge as TRC-20 tokens approved and distributed by the government of the Dominican Republic. Dominica Coin and Dominica DID will be distributed to all registered users of the platform and tokens through Huobi Prime. KYC and DID verification

Using their Dominica DID, users can complete their KYC verification or update it. Do not understand that users with unauthorized credentials have obtained the privileges of foreigners. The main uses of DID are KYC verification and large exchanges, opening Dominican bank accounts, loan applications and digital business registration.

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