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Is RoboApe (RBA) Set to Out-Do ApeCoin (APE)?


Both RoboApe ($RBA) and ApeCoin (APE) are meme coins and are ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Many coins built on the Ethereum blockchain have experienced significant growth which has been evident over the past year. ApeCoin launched in 2022 and is currently ranked 33 by  

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How did ApeCoin (APE) rise? 

ApeCoin has displayed quick growth since its release, with a lot of online hype surrounding it. APE is a decentralised cryptocurrency developed by the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Attracting a lot of attention online, Apecoin has become one of the most talked-about meme coins.

Yuga Labs recently unveiled a virtual land offering in their newest Metaverse project, Otherside, in which users may purchase virtual deeds using ApeCoin. A substantial surge in users on APE caused the Ethereum network to be interrupted, causing gas fees to skyrocket. Despite this, Yuga Labs was able to raise $320 million through the selling of virtual land and Apecoin saw major growth. 

What is RoboApe ($RBA)?

Similar to Apecoin, RBA is another decentralised cryptocurrency, also built on the Ethereum blockchain. Despite the similarities between the two coins, (especially in the names), RoboApe also has many factors that make it stand out. 

RBA’s ecosystem is not restricted to a single field like legacy blockchain systems. A lot is being supplied to its users, especially by incorporating the RBA NFT marketplace, where users can buy, sell and trade NFTs.

For the minting of new NFT pieces, the RBA NFT marketplace charges a RBA gas price. RBA users will be able to create RBA trading cards with images and GIF memes that they can keep or sell. The NFT will appear in the creator’s wallet once it has been produced.

Giving their community the ability to create their own NFTs is a great way to entice users. They will be able to absorb and enjoy the creation of memes, graphics, and animations, as well as hosting exclusive events such as AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to help clear doubts and ignite curiosity about projects. 

Can RoboApe take over ApeCoin?

When it comes to meme coins, they increase and decrease in value based on the online buzz surrounding them. As we’ve seen, there has been a lot of increased attention on ApeCoin online, hence why it is doing well currently. However, RoboApe is similar to ApeCoin in terms of being able to gain online attention but is also different in terms of what is available for its users. 

With new options and opportunities created for its users, RoboApe could do better than ApeCoin. As of right now, the cryptocurrency market is oversaturated, making it harder for the newer ones to stand out. However, ApeCoin is the prime example of showcasing how quickly a coin can grow in a short period.

Within the RoboApe ecosystem, there are a variety of ways for users to interact, learn and earn profits, whereas ApeCoin is limited in what it offers to its users. 

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