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Keninah Concord (KEN) Introducing Its Donation-Based Blockchain While Review The Information of Other Blockchains Like Sandbox (SAND) And FTX (FTT)


Every crypto enthusiast is searching for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. However, blockchain-based tokens like Keninah are taking over as they revolutionize the crypto world. Blockchains like – Keninah, Sandbox, and FTX are tokens to watch out for. As a result, blockchain is effectively setting roots in various sectors. From medicine to music to fitness, Keninah stands out with its humanitarian-based blockchain ecosystem.

Sandbox is a virtual world that allows users to create, build, buy, and sell digital assets in the form of a game. However, the native token of this platform is SAND, and it is run on a blockchain-based model. Also, the Sandbox blockchain combines the powers of decentralized organizations and non-fungible tokens to create a decentralized platform that thrives in the crypto gaming community.

FTX was created by crypto traders who have recognized the issues of mainstream crypto futures exchanges and made a platform that tackles this aspect of crypto issues. Tokenized by FTT, this platform claims to stand out due to features such as – clawback prevention, which is a centralized collateral pool, and a universal stablecoin.

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However, Sandbox was launched in 2011, with its primary mission being to introduce blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. The SAND platform focuses on facilitating a creative play-to-earn blockchain model that allows its users to be both creators and gamers. As a result, through its in-house token – SAND, the Sandbox ecosystem employs the power of blockchain technology in facilitating transactions on the Sandbox platform.

With FTX being launched in 2019, the FTX platform has potentially reduced the socialized losses that most futures-based platform experiences. However, this is done through its reduction in using a three-tiered liquidation model. As a result, the FTT derivates are stablecoins-settled and only require one universal margin wallet, unlike other existing crypto futures exchanges.

Why Keninah (KEN), Sandbox (SAND), And FTX (FTT)?

The Sandbox platform introduces blockchain to the gaming world. As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology is spreading its tentacles to every sector possible. However, the gaming world is yet to be fully initiated. SAND recognizes this and uses its unique features to introduce blockchain into gaming effectively.

However, the Sandbox ecosystem is not without shortcomings as well. The Sandbox is a high-risk investment. However, investors are not constantly shifting to the asset with high-risk potential because trading with these crypto assets remains highly volatile, and they are very skeptical about getting involved in macroeconomic volatility.

FTX is a crypto platform that Almeda Research backs. Almeda Research is one of the leading crypto trading companies and one of the largest liquidity providers. This makes it a token designed by professionals, but that does not necessarily mean that this token is without shortcomings.

However, in many jurisdictions, the FTX platform as a stablecoin is not fully clear what the process for token issuance and platform registration is like. This makes it harder for the stablecoin industry to move forward securely, making it hard for institutional players to get involved.

Keninah is a blockchain cryptocurrency focused on building a platform that ensures war victims get adequate help in a matter of minutes. Also known as the Keninah concord, it is a community-based token that functions on the Binance Smart Chain. However, leveraging Ledger Technology (LT), the Keninah platform seeks to eliminate the surrounding issues of war victims across the globe. 

Also, topics such as the donor-recipient relationship and the connection between these two parties relate to transparency and traceability. However, these topics increase the trust level of donors in the blockchain-based donation protocol, thereby fuelling the vision of the Keninah platform. As a result of ensuring that the KEN platform’s services are fully available, the simple user interface makes it unchallenging for users to access using the mobile and web applications.

In addition, the Keninah platform is unique due to its bonus feature. This feature caters to the income needs of its users and investors. For instance, various purchase made on the KEN platform accrues an investor a percentage profit. In the Keninah platform, second and third purchases earn an investor 50% and 100% profits, respectively.


The Keninah platform is unique and different from other crypto platforms and humanitarian-based crypto assets. However, the potentiality that the KEN platform caters to its users and investors and also solves a global issue that most blockchains cannot.

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