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Upgrade Your Crypto Portfolio with Decentraland (Mana), Parody Coin (PARO), and The Sandbox (SAND)


Decentraland (MANA), the Sandbox (SAND), and Parody Coin (PARO) are three cryptocurrencies that could help in delivering good returns for your crypto portfolio. If you are looking to upgrade your portfolio, consider adding these three coins as they have shown signs of potential consolidation. The Parody Coin is currently available through a presale period and it looks as though you can add it to your crypto portfolio for the long term. Read on to find out more about these three coins and why they could be interesting additions to your portfolio in 2022. 

Megacube 2 launches on Decentraland

The Decentraland ecosystem received another new game with Megacube 2 launching on the MANA network. MegaCube is a new game that involves a gigantic cube containing smaller cubes that have to be mined individually, until the core is reached. The first player who manages to mine the last cube gets at least 1 reward from every Sponsor. Megacube 2 features 100 Layers each representing NFTs. Users can earn exciting rewards in the form of NFTs and other tokens. The MANA Token might witness a price spike as its ecosystem expands with more interesting projects seeking to launch on its platform.  

Lucky Kat LAND to launch on Sandbox

Sandbox provides strong competition to other NFT based gaming ecosystems such as Decentraland. The Lucky Kat LAND will launch on Sandbox on 11 May, 2022. It will feature an NFT collection, including characters, equipment, and buildings from Lucky Kat Land empire. The game employs an amusement park themed world in the Sandbox Metaverse. The SAND token powers the metaverse ecosystem inside Sandbox and has seen a lot of positive price spikes in the past. You can add the SAND token for the long term as it has great investment potential and is continuously innovating and coming up with new features. 

Parody Coin NFT Marketplace will provide better prices

The Parody Coin ecosystem will include a swap token protocol, a bridge, and an NFT marketplace. Since the PARO Token is deployed across multiple blockchain networks, it will help users in getting better prices while minting or trading NFTs. 

The current NFT marketplaces are restricted primarily to the Ethereum network which charges very high fees especially during times of congestion. Multiple blockchain interoperability provided by Parody Coin will help in overcoming this issue. 

The Parody Coin ecosystem will be powered by the PARO Token, a cryptocurrency that will help users in gaining access to passive sources of income. 

The Parody NFTs will work as popular and parody versions of mainstream NFTs. Through a bridge that will be deployed soon, the original user will be able to gain access to Parody NFTs if the original NFT is burnt. In this manner, the Parody NFTs will help in ensuring strong utility for the Parody Coin ecosystem. 

Unlike other coins, the Parody coin is a deflationary token and the supply will gradually decrease over time. This will help in ensuring a healthy price rise for the PARO token. 

You can purchase the PARO Token here through the presale. It is available at a very low price, so ensure you accumulate enough to allow your crypto portfolio to grow over time. Since the PARO Token provides passive rewards, your crypto portfolio will see the accumulation of more tokens by holding the tokens in your wallet. 

Always remember to diversify your holdings and withdraw profits at regular intervals. Cryptocurrencies are a powerful investment instrument but need proper risk mitigation and management to ensure sufficient returns. Ignore short-term volatility as big gains are made only in the long term. Most cryptocurrency veteran investors have gained huge returns by using the HODL strategy that includes buying for the long term and not trading even though strong price volatility may be a tempting factor, especially in the case of new token launches.  






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