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Metamask Has Gone to Update Its IP Data Collection Policy


Metamask has gone to update its IP data collection policy. After a public outcry, MetaMask was forced to update its data collection policy.

MetaMask’s recent changes to its data collection policy have received strong reactions from the cryptocurrency community. Developer ConsenSys has sent out an update detailing the policy change.

The backlash prompted a December 6 post by developer ConsenSys, which highlighted the cryptocurrency’s impact on Infura and MetaMask users. The company’s privacy policy was changed last month, prompting rumors that it could lead to the collection of customers’ wallets and IP addresses. The cryptocurrency community, which has a reputation for focusing on privacy, reacted to the news quickly and angrily.

ConsenSys has provided additional details on how to implement its data policy. He explains that the change is based on greater understanding. It gives an overview of some of the important things to consider about politics, all of which can be answered.

If MetaMask users check their passwords and, by extension, their IP addresses, they won’t be able to see any stored account information. Write requests, also known as advertising transactions, are the only ones that fall under the supervision of this data collection.

A key part of the plan is that ConsenSys plans to limit customer data retention to just seven days; after this, it will be deleted. Also, it tries not to sell any information to its users. MetaMask users will also have the option of switching to a non-Infura RPC provider as an alternative.

The crypto community is often angry and angry

Naturally, people in the cryptocurrency world were outraged when they heard about the data leak. He took to social media platforms like Reddit to voice his concerns, and the backlash was widespread. Some officials have argued that the expected government signal could help prevent such changes.

It is unlikely that users will be confident even after an update that increases the gap. They can look again at MetaMask without collecting data. This is something special. Others have suggested opting out of Infura RPC to prevent IP address harvesting.

MetaMask will join the movement against Apple tax

In recent days and weeks, articles about MetaMask have been published for various reasons. Russia’s Sber Bank has revealed plans to integrate its blockchain technology with Ethereum and MetaMask in the near future. There is no doubt that the attention of the international community will be drawn to this.

MetaMask has stood up against Apple’s tax, continuing to show that it is ready to withdraw from Apple’s ecosystem. MetaMask founder Dan Finlay suggested creating a new paid advertising system to help Apple customers avoid the 30% discount. Due to issues with Apple’s ban, Coinbase will be forced to end its support for NFT transfers.

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