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These New Tech Coins Could Revolutionize the Crypto Space: PERSYSTIC (PSYS), ApeCoin (APE), and The Sandbox (SAND)


While the market is experiencing a crypto winter, it is also emphasized that traders tend to expand their portfolios, although trading volumes seem to be falling. PERSYSTIC TOKEN news..

Token holders focus on projects that create buying opportunities at low prices and make ventures that can provide profitability in the long run. In particular, ventures in Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain technologies are increasing.

The Social Coin: PERSYSTIC (PSYS)

Crypto experts emphasize that those who seize the opportunity to buy the dip can expect short and medium-term profits. Experts, who say that depreciation is not dangerous, but an opportunity to trade, agree that this window should not be missed. While this period leads to an increase in the interest in the existing coins in the market, it also leads to the attention of new projects. Ecosystems such as PERSYSTIC (PSYS) manage to attract trader attention with their medium and long-term potential.

PERSYSTIC (PSYS) is planned as a social platform. In particular, this ecosystem, which aims to create a reliable sharing platform away from censorship and restriction concerns, also aims to offer a good token to its holders.

PERSYSTIC (PSYS) is being developed on the BNB chain. This ecosystem, which is kept at a high level, is expected to expand its community significantly in the long run.

The ecosystem has a special algorithm to verify the shares and prevent forgery. In addition, it is stated that the ownership of the content shared by users will be verified in line with the improvements made. This way, it aims to create a much safer and user-friendly platform compared to classical social media applications.

ApeCoin (APE) Is Hit Hard by Bear Market, but It Will Recover

ApeCoin (APE), which was released in March 2022, is a project that has reached its peak by increasing 2600%. The project developers, who set out as NFT-based, wanted to take place among cryptocurrencies, and in this context, they implemented the APE token.

Listed by many cryptocurrency exchanges, ApeCoin (APE) is a project in the ERC-20 standard. Established under the leadership of Yuga Labs, the project gained great momentum when it was launched and increased its value by 26 times. It has entered the market ranging from 36th place. The APE token, which enables the liquidity in the project NFT sector to pass to the crypto market, seems to have gained 62% from the bottom level it saw last month.

The Sandbox (SAND) Is Among the Most Profitable Cryptos

The Sandbox (SAND), released in 2020, saw the highest level in its history at $ 1.2, increasing 100 times. The project is a platform managed by the players and used for asset transfer. The project’s native cryptocurrency, the SAND token, is used in asset transfer, governance token, and staking within the ecosystem.

The SAND token on the Ethereum blockchain network is used to monetize gaming experiences. The SAND token, which has many uses, is among the most profitable cryptocurrencies in emerging markets. The project, which has gained 74% in value in the last 48 hours, is one of the promising projects of the future.


In a constantly changing market, it can be difficult to know which coins are worth investing in. However, we believe that PERSYSTIC (PSYS), ApeCoin (APE), and The Sandbox (SAND) have the potential to revolutionize the crypto space. Despite the current crash, we still believe investing in these coins is a good idea. We hope you will consider investing in them as well!

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