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Rocketize: A New Cryptocurrency That’s Ready to Surpass Its counterparts like FunFair and LooksRare


The crypto space continues to take a new dimension with each passing day. A key part of this amazing growth can be attributed to the development of exciting new projects.

One of such projects is the Rocketize crypto platform.

Rocketize’s goals in the crypto market

As a meme project, Rocketize’s main goal is to develop a strong community similar to other top-rated meme coins like DOGE. However, unlike DOGE, Rocketize is a BEP-20 token that enables a reduction in transaction fees. 

Basically, the Rocketize platform is community-driven, and the name given to the community is Atomic Nation. Members are tasked with suggesting or contributing ideas for development in the ecosystem. 

The system follows the Decentralized Autonomous Organization governance. And with this method, users can join the DAO through voting. Another fascinating attribute of the coin is the massive currency supply. 

Built on the Binance Smart chain, this project enjoys all of the security features attached to that blockchain network. The platform also supports interoperability among different DeFi protocols. Additionally, It leverages the profit margin and gives users complete control of their financial decisions. 

Due to these excellent functionalities, many expect JATO to become the next cryptocurrency to the top market. 

Rocketize will also support NFTS and NFT minting. The term ROCKMint consists of the minting information on the Rocketize platform. Meanwhile, the participants have the chance to use trading cards to select their meme of interest in the wallet.

Rocketize has a native token called $JATO. This token will be used to power the NFT minting process, and a percentage of it is burned in all transactions. $JATO will also be used as means of incentivizing members of the Atomic Nation.

Token holders, for example, massively benefit when there is an increase in demand of $JATO. Again, Investors can use their assets as collateral while going for loans. However, the loan policy is guided by the Smart contract in Decentralized Finance, which enables all investors to enjoy the profit from the transaction.

Rocketize is a meme project, ready to surpass its counterparts like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Despite being new, the platform has a robust security network free from fraudulent acts and third-party intervention. Compared to other meme coins, Rocketize is ready to adopt a Crowdfunding scheme, which can be executed on the transaction app. 

Rocketize Versus FunFair Versus LooksRare

FunFair is a crypto platform that promotes gaming activities. It aims to focus on decentralized entertainment, which will transform blockchain technology. 

Investors have open opportunities of investing in the project using the native token– $FUN. The project is community-based, and a development plan to build up the FunFair community is prioritized. 

LooksRare is another crypto platform that supports the use of NFTs. Stakers, investors, and token holders receive rewards on successful $LOOKS transactions in their wallets. The native token of LooksRare is $LOOKS, which has lots of usefulness. Some of the advantages is being able to stake the token. 

Meanwhile, the staking process consists of active and passive staking. In active staking, users can unlock the token and collect many incentives. At the same time, passive staking does not release additional rewards during stakes.

LooksRare opens different rewards opportunities by purchasing and selling the NFTs on the platform. The incentive is given to those who trade a high volume of the $LOOKS token. LooksRare is an Ethereum-based coin, and the project is community-driven. Lastly, payment is not delayed for all participants, and they enjoy platform fees distributed equally amongst users. 

Rocketize, just as its name, is ready to restructure the crypto market lightning-fastly. The system is community-driven, and their interest is one of the organization’s top concerns. With all the mission and vision of Rocketize, it will surpass its counterparts like FunFair And LooksRare. 


Now it’s time to Rocket-ize yourself through memes and gains. You can’t afford to miss out on the offer. This new cryptocurrency is set to take the crypto space storm.

Rocketize Token (JATO)



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