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Seba Bank and Hashkey Cooperation is On The Agenda For Corporate Crypto Acceptance!


Seba Bank and Hashkey cooperation is on the agenda for corporate crypto acceptance! The two organizations named SEBA Bank and HashKey focus on digital assets and will work together to accelerate the institutionalization of digital assets in response to cryptocurrency cold, which hinders progress in the field.

SEBA Bank Partnership with HashKey

According to a statement, the financial services company, HashKey Group, and the cryptocurrency focused asset SEBA have accelerated the institutional acceptance of digital assets in Hong Kong and Switzerland. Both companies will work to create more options for investors and companies looking to enter the cryptocurrency market. According to both companies, they are committed to complying with the law and accepting all regulatory measures.

Hong Kong – The main jurisdiction for crypto licensing

According to SEBA Bank CEO Franz Bergmueller, Hong Kong is the largest jurisdiction for licensing cryptocurrency products and services. As a result, cryptocurrency-focused banks want to adopt HashKey to expand their footprint in the community and participate in the digital ecosystem. HashKey CEO Michel Lee emphasized that the company is following the strategy, which means that compliance is its first concern.

Lee said they are excited about the relationship as the cryptocurrency-focused bank operates under similar concepts. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has granted HashKey Group a trading license there. On the contrary, the SEBA bank was the first to obtain a digital asset holding license in Switzerland, allowing it to offer corporate holding services as of 2021.

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