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Here’s Why Seedilium (SED) Is Set To Be The Next Big Cryptocurrency After Bitcoin (BTC)


There are thousands of cryptocurrency tokens, so it can be extremely risky to pick tokens. For this reason, many investors would rather pick Bitcoin(BTC) as a safety net. Seedilium news..

Why Bitcoin(BTC)? Bitcoin(BTC) is more or less Digital gold. It was the first digital asset to be introduced and has also gone ahead to pave the way for decentralized Finance.

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For people looking to maximize profit from the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin(BTC) may not be the best investment. Bitcoin(BTC) has experienced incredible price growth, so, it will take time for the token value to double. The next bet is altcoins. Altcoins with good utility have the capability to 10x their value within a short. One of the newly released altcoin is Seedilium(SED). With its fascinating utility, we expect Seedilium(SED) to be the next big cryptocurrency. In this piece, we’d look at how Seedilium(SED) aims to make its way to the top of the cryptocurrency market. 

The Rise of Bitcoin (BTC) In The Coin Market

Bitcoin is not just the pioneer of the modern-day coin market, it’s also one of the biggest digital assets in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. When you look at where Bitcoin is today, it’s hard to imagine that this asset was worth less than $0.09 when it was released into the market. Bitcoin has undergone several sporadic and spontaneous price rallies and dips to get where it is today. 

When Bitcoin was introduced as a new way of making payments and storing value, it raised numerous debates. Most people were skeptical about the relevance of this type of asset and how activities on it would be regulated. However, it didn’t take long before people started to warm up to the idea of a digital currency that’s not controlled by any central entity. Finally, people started to realize that Bitcoin was a necessary form of innovation to reduce exploitation from traditional finance authorities. It offered another means to store wealth away from the pryinf eyes of regulatory bodies and government authorities. 

The worldwide interest in Bitcoin grew in 2017. During this period, economists, investors and governments started to develop interest in this cryptocurrency and make improvements to it. Today, Bitcoin is established as the cryptocurrency with the largest market dominance and is one of the valuable coins that we have. However, there’s an intense race to replace it and break its dominance. Finally, it seems like there’s a coin that’s set to explode the crypto space and drive the entire ecosystem to newer heights. 

What is Seedilium (SED)?

Like most crypto tokens that we have today, Seedilium is only concerned about giving control back to users. By relying on blockchain, users will be able to have more reliable control of their financial assets, investment and data. Seedilium will possess the benefits of regular cryptocurrencies, but it hopes to bring additional benefits to the space. Through the introduction of next-generation features, users will gain access to a new way of transferring assets, storing and investing them. 

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You see, Seedilium aims to change the status quo in the cryptocurrency market. To do this, it will introduce the first cryptocurrency exchange of its kind. This exchange will be a hybrid system that will combine the features of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This means, users will gain access to a platform where they can swap tokens seamlessly without interference. Also, the platform will allow them to enjoy traditional finance functions.

And that’s not all, Seedilium will ensure that its platform will also feature a dedicated NFT marketplace. This NFT access will ensure that users can do more here than on any other platform. Users will be able to use this platform to buy, sell or mint different types of NFT. There will be a remittance platform where users can deposit and withdraw their funds without a central intermediary. 

Seedilium plans to become the frontrunner of the crypto sector by introducing unique benefits like never before. It aims to improve the capacity of traditional financial institutions by incorporating blockchain technology into their activities. This way, this new project will make meaningful contributions to the traditional financial space and crypto sector. SED is the native token of this project and will power most of its transactions. 

If you’re interested in getting on the Seedilium bandwagon, you’ll do well to take advantage of its special bonus offers. Users will get a 20% bonus when they make their pre-sale deposit in ETH, while they will also earn a 20% for depositing in BNB.

Seedilium (SED)



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