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Are Shiba Inu, Fantom, And MetaCryp Crypto Coins Out To Defy Coin Market Bears?


Shiba Inu, Fantom, And MetaCryp Crypto Coins

The crypto crash has put the coin market into disarray. As the bear market prolongs due to the tightening of monetary policies by central banks, crypto coins are struggling to hold their values.  Macroeconomic uncertainties across the globe have further added to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. However, there is a silver lining despite all the clouds of crypto winter. Shiba Inu (SHIB) stands in defiance of the downward trend and has begun its comeback journey. Crypto coins, such as Fantom (FTM), are also out to fight the chaos while the new cryptocurrency MetaCryp Network (MTCR) shows an inherent capability to beat the pressure and contribute to a bull market.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu, another versatile meme coin, leads the best-performing crypto coins. The focus on continuous utility addition, deflationary measures, and a tranche of earning options make SHIB a darling of crypto enthusiasts. ShibaSwap DeFi exchange allows interoperability while its community is largely harmonized with the metaverse. Those, who invested in SHIB during its lowest ebb in September 2020, have now an ROI of 6,36,771% compared to Bitcoin’s 14,573%.

WhaleStats claims that over 5,000 largest Etherium whales recently used SHIB for smart contracts pushing the coin 8% up on July 18. A close look reveals that Shiba Inu is gaining ground since the mid-June crypto crash. It has a $6.3 billion market value and SHIB currently trades at $0.0000116 after an 11% rise in seven days. 

The expectations over Shibarium upgrade are contributing to Shiba Inu’s rise. Efforts to optimize the entertainment quotient with greater Metaverse integration are also triggering the demand for SHIB. Another factor in its rise is the recent burning of 767 million SHIB tokens to negate deflationary trends in the coin market.

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Fantom (FTM) 

Fantom is a leader in digital-asset and dApps. Its popularity rests on its reputation for open-source smart contracts, settlement speed, DeFi, affordability, and security. The FTM ecosystem entices developers with opportunities to exploit the Web 3.0 space and develop enterprise solutions. Fantom has already 200 dApps powering exchanges, interoperability of crypto coins, digital markets, wallets, and other crypto areas.  

Since Fantom is compatible with Ethereum blockchain, developers can take benefit of the cross-platform interoperability while avoiding cost and bandwidth issues associated with this first-generation blockchain. Apart from dApp and NFT monetization, FTM staking is a good way to earn passive income. 

Following the crypto crash, Fantom has lost 90% of its value. However, this is an opportune moment to buy FTM at $0.30 considering its utility. Fantom is set to break out at least 50x in the future when the crypto winter recedes. 

MetaCryp Network (MTCR)

MetaCryp Network (MTCR)

MetaCryp Network is one of the next-generation crypto coins focused on the GameFi space metaverse. The aim is to make MTCR token a tool to create, consume, and interact digitally. It provides intense fun, heightened entertainment, Play2Earn gaming, and a higher level of socialization on a safe and exciting platform encouraging a community feeling.

The focus of MetaCryp Network is on providing options to MTCR holders to unplug, enjoy, and socialize through gaming, events, and collectibles. Users can take customized avatars to explore the Metaverse and play realistic games in a customizable ambiance with earning functionality. They get crypto and NFTs during games and can monetize them to earn. There is a separate MTCR marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

MetaCryp Network frees gaming platforms of control and reliability issues. The focus remains on giving a rewarding experience to players for their time and effort in addition to monetary gains. It eliminates high-cost entry barriers, high-platform fees, delays in wallet transfers, and user participation restrictions. There are also options for tournaments, renting buildings to organize events, meme sharing, and learn-to-earn. MetaCryp helps users to travel to virtual holiday destinations created in VR mode.  

MetaCryp Network handsomely rewards early buyers, who take advantage of its presales. Those joining the stage 1 presale will get 10% bonus for buying with ETH, USDT ERC 20, DOGE, or SHIB. The bonus is 15% when USDRT TRC 20 is used and 13% for BNB. Buyers get 8% bonus when they use Bitcoin to buy MTCR. There is also referral bonus of $100 for every $400 purchased. The 32% first-purchase bonus goes up to 42% and 62% respectively for second and third purchases. 

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