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Singapore Does Not Support the Coin Ban


Singapore Does Not Support the Coin Ban. Blockchain organizations have spoken out against this idea, calling it “too restrictive”. Individuals will not be able to get a loan to finance the purchase of tokens if the law is enacted. The Central Bank of Singapore has prepared to ban crypto companies from lending digital tokens to their clients.

One of the most influential cryptocurrency organizations, the Blockchain Association, has spoken out against the idea, calling it “too restrictive”. For them, the idea of ​​banning all crypto companies from giving money to traders is “extremely dangerous”.

Long response to the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the second half of December, the organization raised concerns that the ability to lend tokens would require customers to seek funds from institutions.

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Proposed Rules Rather than Restrictions

To protect traders from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Singapore has introduced several other measures. They also wanted to limit the ability of cryptocurrency companies to lend or invest their coins in order to increase returns. If the legislation is enacted as proposed, individuals would not be able to obtain loans to finance the purchase of tokens.

Customers can get money by borrowing money, according to the group. Cryptocurrency interest rates are an interesting aspect of digital payment signals. However, the members have come to a consensus on the need for laws that limit the practice of people borrowing money from companies to buy cryptocurrencies. He also advised that instead of eliminating the incentives of the marketing industry, it should be controlled. The offer “does not apply to cash purchases” is one that can be used.

A Singapore company, Three Arrows Capital Hedge Fund, went bankrupt last year. When it failed, it was one of the biggest hedge funds in existence. Then the plan was made. After that, FTX collapsed and raised serious concerns about how cryptocurrencies should be regulated.

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