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Stunning Statements From Voyager About FTX and Binance!


FTX has been called a hypocrite by Voyager for opposing Binance’s multi-billion dollar acquisition deal.

Voyager says the offer to buy FTX was a desperate attempt to hide the balance sheet discrepancy created by the fraud. BinanceUS is ready to acquire Vovager assets for $ 1 billion in one of the worst moments in the history of cryptocurrency, which is the failure of FTX. Opposition from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Department of Justice (DoJ) and FTX’s Alameda Research made the deal more difficult. Voyager is now making public that it finds this criticism unfounded.

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Voyager Calls FTX a Hypocrite

A failed cryptocurrency lending company has confirmed its billion-dollar plan to sell assets to cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Two court filings released late January 8 show that the United States has responded to criticism by calling it “hypocrisy and sass,” even though the criticism is based on a baseless assumption.

Voyager believes that raising the complaint and the statement based on misleading and unverified media reports while ignoring the material that has already been provided to the opponents is a clear attempt to damage the business of BinanceUS and harm BinanceUS. Alameda’s efforts to protest this arrangement because it violates the system of taxpayers established in the United States’ bankruptcy law received a colder signal than before.

According to Voyager’s submission, Alameda’s complaint is an example of hypocrisy and confidence in their power, and it is unnecessary. Before Voyager filed for bankruptcy on November 11, FTX and Alameda tried to save the company by providing financial assistance.

The cryptocurrency lender went on to say that Vovager adopted the AlamedaFTX loan company because of FTX’s fraudulent and deceptive promises and that FTX’s decision to acquire Voyager was a desperate attempt to cover loopholes. whose personal balance sheet is caused by false charges. . “The aggravation of FTX US’s egregious conduct before and during these Chapter 11 and FTX US failures has left Voyager with significant financial and escalating administrative costs,” the filing said.

Voyager said that Binance transactions are the best option for investors in such a confusing crypto market, but there is a way out if a better alternative is found later. Either way, a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, January 10, in New York Bankruptcy Court, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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