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The Latest Minute: CZ’s Latest Target on Twitter Has Become the Biggest Bitcoin Whale!


In the past few minutes, the crazy boss of the Binance Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, aka CZ, shared a tweet in which he made incredible claims about Coinbase. It seems that CZ, which has been accepted by the entire crypto world that it has brought the beginning of the end for FTX in recent weeks, will not rest easy again.

Today, in the past few minutes, he shared a tweet about Coinbase, also known as the largest BTC whale, depending on historical data.

CZ Steps Back

CZ, who made a comment by sharing a tweet about Coinbase and the BTC he holds in the past hour, seems to have withdrawn his share, although the reason is unknown. Looking at his Twitter account, it was seen that he took back the sharing he made.

In a previous exchange, Coinbase Custody stated that it held 635 thousand BTC for Grayscale and based this on Yahoo news. 4 months ago, he emphasized that there were less than 600 thousand BTC on Coinbase, assuming that it was on the stock exchange, and he based this on another news source.

Later, CZ stated that:

I’m just stating news reports, I’m not making any allegations. Glassnode probably has more up-to-date data.

According to the last minute statement, CZ stated that:

Brian Armstrong just said that the numbers in the articles are wrong. I deleted the previous tweet. Let’s work together to increase transparency in the industry.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong then made the following statement:

Remember that we are a publicly traded company. (Coinbase undergoes detailed audits by the US and those who spread FUD can be investigated by the SEC)

The CEO of Binance had participated in the discussions about Grayscale by quoting some news reports. Looking back, during this month, FTX, , Gemini, had participated in the discussions about Genesis. The heated debates have Decimated these platforms one after another and even paved the way for bankruptcy for some of them.

All this brings to mind the statement that CZ will break his silence again in mid-November. Although it is not known where these events will lead, these shares made by CZ may also herald the beginning of more painful processes for the major players and investors of the crypto exchange.

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