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The NFT Initiative MetaGood Has Raised $5 Million! What’s the Current Target?


The NFT initiative MetaGood has raised $5 million! What’s the current target? Metagood announces it has raised $5 million from developers including Animoca Brands, Mark Yusko and Freddie Andrewes. The goal is to spread the social impact created by the startup for the benefit of NFT. The pre-seed program is invested in three areas: community building, job creation, and business growth.

Bill Tai, president and co-founder of Metagood, talks to the media, explaining why the company was founded. Bill Tai said his goal is to build a community around NFT that is used to showcase the good things people are doing. Such behavior can be done and marketed, Tai added. Tai encouraged everyone to join the financial system, saying that many of his entrepreneurs have achieved success in their careers while seeking to make a positive impact.

However, this is not the first time that Metagood has received strong support from well-known developers. The brand has already seen the likes of Owen Wilson, Holly Branson and Patrick Lee and Stephen Wang supporting its work. The NFT collection, especially at the center of the discussion, is OnChainMonkey, the flagship collection of NFT that allows users to show value and promote good social services. His DAO raised 2,000 ETH in just 12 months.

The DAO then distributed 70 ETH between 42 projects in 10 weeks. The reported numbers are only for season 1, which means that it is estimated that it will increase in other seasons in the future. Projects that have received funding are primarily engaged in projects related to social relations such as:

  • Help Afghan refugees immigrate to Italy and,
  • Funding for renovation of skate parks in Brazil.

Web3 has been seen from different angles. Metagood brings innovation to the table by emphasizing that creative technology is used to bring positive energy to creating a positive karma economy. However, it refers to rewarding people for all the good deeds they do to others.

Metagood can give Charity Micro-Grants, which big charities can’t. Tai said that the social platform may retire this business within a year. He hopes to do better next year.

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