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Who is the New Twitter CEO?


Who is the new twitter CEO? The billionaire has launched a poll to determine whether he will resign as CEO. No one knows if the CEO of Twitter has already found a successor.

Edward Snowden, the NSA’s leaker, has expressed interest in becoming the head of Twitter. The 39-year-old former NSA adviser said in a tweet today that he would accept payment in Bitcoin for the job. This is a reaction to Elon Musk’s statement that he wants a CEO who can “keep Twitter alive”.

All of these events come on the back of Twitter’s leader making controversial policy changes. This has upset some workers and alienated their former friends. Recently, Musk established regulations that prevent users from sharing content through social networks.

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The Result of the Vote Will Decide – Twitter CEO

The billionaire has launched a poll to determine whether he will resign as CEO. After apologizing for these changes and promising to vote on changes to the law in the future.

The CEO of Tesla asked: “Should I leave the head of Twitter? He went on to say, “I will respect the results of this election.” The majority of voters, 56% to date, support the resignation of billionaire. With only 5 hours left to vote, as many as 11 million people have already participated.

No one knows if the Twitter CEO has already found a successor if he is forced to resign following the vote. However, the CEO of Twitter can’t impress people who are looking for a job.

The billionaire apparently responded to many who offered to take the job by tweeting, “Those who want to rule are unqualified.”

According to Musk, anyone who works on this project will have their work cut out for them. Billionaire revealed the upcoming release of microblogging in response to Lex Fridman’s offer to take over the project for free.

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